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January 2016 Magazine


The latest edition of Sibelius One’s magazine has been released and is being posted out to subscribers. This issue focuses in particular on Sibelius’s relationship with the violin.

Articles included in the magazine are as follows:

  • ‘Many congratulate me on getting to play on a Stainer’ – ­Sibelius’s Violin  Andrew Barnett
  • The Eleventh Inter­natio­nal Jean Sibelius Violin Competition  Leon Chia 
  • ‘Playing to him was so natural that I didn’t really realize that it could have been con­sidered as something very special.’  An Interview with Satu Jalas
  • ‘How could anyone play that and not want to discover more?’  Five violinists discuss Sibelius’s music for their instrument 
  • Burmester, Nováček and Sibelius’s Violin Concerto  Timo Virtanen
  • The Sixth International Jean Sibelius Conference  Hilary Finch
  • The Sixth Sibelius Lecture  An extract from the novel ‘The Seven Symphonies: A Finnish Murder Mystery’ by Simon Boswell 
  • Widespread they stand…  Peter Frankland discusses ‘Tapiola’ 
Information about previous issues: click here.

Sibelius discography: help wanted


A Sibelius discography is being compiled that will be made available via this website.

In the interests of making this discography as complete as possible, all Sibelius enthusiasts and Sibelius One members are invited to send in details of recordings in their collection and we shall add the information to what is already on file here.

At present work is in a preliminary stage. As soon as possible we shall make available a file listing those recordings already included, and alternative methods of submitting information.

In the meantime, if you would like to send details of your discs already, we would ask for as much as possible of the following information to be included:

  • Work title and opus/JS/HUL number
  • If only part of a work is performed, please specify which part(s)
  • Soloist(s)
  • Ensemble/orchestra
  • Chorus
  • Conductor
  • Recording date
  • Live recording?
  • Release date
  • Record label and catalogue number
  • Format (e.g. LP, CD, mono/stereo)
  • Country of release
  • Any other relevant information

Please send the information to Ian Maxwell (click here).

Thank you very much for your help!

You can also submit details of Sibelius recordings using this form. Fill in the boxes and then press 'Send'. Thank you!

Your Name:*
Work recorded
Opus/JS/HUL no.
If incomplete, specify which parts are performed
Recording date
Release date
Live recording?
Record label
Catalogue no.
Format (LP/CD, mono/stereo etc.)
Country of release
Other relevant info