Introducing the V-Sibelius (April Fool 2016)

VictorMaxx-StuntMasterwwwIn a world first within the area of classical music, Sibelius One is trialling the V-Sibelius, a virtual reality headset tailored specifically to the needs of Sibelius enthusiasts.

Advanced music recognition software (Sib-Ears v.3.0) recognizes not only the music but also the recording you are listening to and automatically displays appropriate 3-D historical or nature images in the headset along with background information about the music and performers. When used with pre-recorded music tracks, specially adapted concert video footage puts the listener right on the podium, with the ability to adjust tempo and balance by means of hand gestures and facial expression, just like a real conductor.

The unit can be connected to a compatible Apple or Android smartphone but will also recognize live performances and supply information accordingly. If within wi-fi range, the wearer can also access additional information from the Sibelius One website.

The headset also alerts the wearer if another Sibelius One member is within a range of 300 metres – useful if worn at public concerts, or on trains or planes.

The unit is currently undergoing final testing. Final details of launch date, pricing and order procedure will be announced when this process is complete.

Note: Owing to the immersive character of the V-Sibelius experience, it is not recommended that the unit be used while driving a car or operating machinery.

Photo credit: Evan-Amos – Own work; CC BY-SA 3.0; Revised by Sibelius One