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This page contains links to reviews of Sibelius concerts and events. If you would like to submit a review for inclusion, please e-mail it to Please include any appropriate copyright-free illustrations. Reviews may be edited before publication.

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Lahti Sibelius Festival 2018 review  Sibelius One Committee
JSW Works for String Orchestra Review  Ian Maxwell & Andrew Barnett
JSW Violin Concerto (version with piano) Review  Ian Maxwell & Andrew Barnett
Recent Releases from Breitkopf & Härtel
  Ian Maxwell & Andrew Barnett     
JSW Scènes historiques Review
  Ian Maxwell & Andrew Barnett
JSW Overture in E major & Balettscen Review  Ian Maxwell & Andrew Barnett
Sibelius – the worst composer ever?  Ronald Powell
Sibelius in Korpo 2015  Helen Martin & Geoff Hayes
Lahti Sibelius Festival 2015  Leon Chia
A Visit from Sibelius: Sibelius in Korpo 2016  Andrew Barnett
Lahti Sibelius Festival 2016  Sibelius One
The Eighteenth International Lahti Sibelius Festival, 2017  Geoff Hayes