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Sibelius Home Assistant

Sibelius Homa Assistanrt image

New and exclusively from Sibelius One:
the Sibelius Home Assistant!

Inspired by the runaway success of devices such as Alexa and Echo, the Sibelius Home assistant lets you instantly play music, control your smart home, get information, news, weather and more using just your voice.

The assistant makes use of the latest AI and robotics technology, and is actived by the command word ‘Janne’. To play music, for example Sibelius’s Fourth Symphony, simply say ‘Janne – play your Fourth Symphony’, and a recording of the work in question will immediately start to play through your hi-fi system. In addition, the assistant’s arms will ‘conduct’ in time with the music.

The voice of ‘Janne’ has been created from original sound recordings of Sibelius’s voice (e.g. his 1948 radio interview and assorted other recordings), digitally resampled and combined to produce an infinite variety of words and phrases.

Using methods based on the classic 1960s Supermarionation technology, internal solenoids are used to synchronize the assistant’s lips with whatever it is saying. This also works when you ask the assistant to play a recording of Sibelius’s songs.

The Sibelius Home Assistant is 91 cm high and is designed to resemble Jean Sibelius in every respect (except height). Unlike rival virtual assistants, it is capable of independent movement and can thus assist with domestic tasks in ways hitherto unknown. For example, a powerful vacuum cleaner is built into the left sleeve, so the simple command: ‘Janne – vacuum my living room’ will initiate a thorough cleaning routine lasting just over 20 minutes. The right sleeve houses a drinks dispenser, so the command ‘Janne – pour me a drink’ will supply you with a chilled glass of champagne.

The Sibelius Home Assistant can be ordered exclusively from Sibelius One, price just GBP.499.00 plus VAT and delivery. Click here for order form.