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  1. Dear Sibelius One

    I have just received an email from PayPal advising me that “Sibelius One has suspended your automatic payments. Contact Sibelius One for more details or to reactivate your payments”. I suspect that this is because my bank recently upgraded my credit card and consequently the current card is no longer valid. I cannot see how to change my credit card details and restore my deductions. Would you let me know please?

    Kind regards

    Paul Barratt (paulbarratt@ceoadvising.com)

  2. Hello,
    I do not know, wether you got my question therefore I repeat it here:
    I would like to join the Festival this year and I would like to ask for the usual booking of a hotel room and the tickets.
    Could you please inform me?
    Hope to see you in Lahti this year!
    Kind regards
    Oberau, Bavaria

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