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Sibelius Piano Trios published

Newly released in Breitkopf & Härtel’s JSW (Jean Sibelius Werke) series is the eagerly awaited critical edition of Sibelius’s music for piano trio, with the first publication of a number of large-scale, important and attractive works from Sibelius’s youth. The volume is edited by Anna Pulkkis and is prepared in collaboration with Folke Gräsbeck, who participated in the first recordings of all these works.

Included in the volume:
Allegro in D major, JS 27 (first version and revised version – fragment)
Andantino in G minor, JS 43
Menuetto in F major, JS 126
Trio for two violins and piano, JS 205
Trio in A minor, JS 206
Trio in A minor (‘Hafträsk Trio’), JS 207 (including 2 versions of first movement)
Trio in C major (‘Lovisa Trio”), JS 208
Trio in D major (‘Korpo Trio’), JS 209

Breitkopf & Härtel’s website: ‘Even before enrolling at the Helsinki Music Institute in 1885, Jean Sibelius had already composed several piano trios mainly intended for ensemble playing within his family and with his circle of friends. These works also gave young “Janne” the opportunity to try his compositional ideas out in practice. His last known work in this scoring originated in 1888. The volume of Jean Sibelius Works, edited by Anna Pulkkis, contains all piano trios, including the Hafträsk Trio, the Korpo Trio and Lovisa Trio… Already on display here are the melodic ingenuity and powerful expressive depth of Sibelius’s later works.’

Click here to order via Breitkopf & Härtel’s website:
Catalogue number: SON 631
Works for Piano Trio, edited by Anna Pulkkis
Price: €252.00
Series edited by the National Library of Finland and the Sibelius Society of Finland

The Sibelius family trio – Jean, Linda and Christian

Scène d’amour at Ainola

Luukas Hiltunen by Sibelius’s grave at Ainola

The arrangement by Luukas Hiltunen of the Scène d’amour from Sibelius’s ballet-pantomime Scaramouche has been played at a concert at the composer’s home, Ainola. The performance, on 26 July 2021, was given by the Kamus String Quartet (Terhi Paldanius and Jukka Untamala, violins; Jussi Tuhkanen, viola; Petja Kainulainen, cello) as part of ‘Meidän Festivaali’ (‘Our Festival’).

Scaramouche is one of the longest and most unusual of Sibelius’s large-scale scores, and the composer himself made piano arrangements of two passages (Danse élégiaque and Scène d’amour) and a violin/piano version of the Scène d’amour.

Luukas Hiltunen has previously made arrangements for symphony orchestra of Sibelius’s organ works Intrada and Surusoitto, and his First Symphony (2019–20) reflects his familiarity with Sibelius’s style of writing music for orchestra.

Previous performances of this arrangement have taken place on 23 March 2018 at the Church of the Cross, Lahti, Finland (Lahti Conservatory String Quartet), 21 July 2019 at the Sibelius Hall, Lahti (string quartet from Orkester Norden) and 1 May 2021 at Korundi House of Culture, Rovaniemi (Lapland Chamber Orchestra).

Members of the Kamus Quartet at Ainola’s Cafe Aulis

For more information about Scaramouche click here to read or download Eija Kurki’s in-depth article.

Instagram: luukas_hiltunen_musician
Music publisher (Scène d’amour): Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (product link: click here)

Photos © Luukas Hiltunen