Where has Sibelius been? (New Year 2022)

Part One: Location Photos

Below is a series of seven images of places with a connection to Sibelius’s life and/or career. Can you identify them correctly? (Multiple choice.)

a) Sibelius’s birth house in Hämeenlinna
b) The house in Hämeenlinna where the teenage Sibelius lived, 1875–86
c) The house in Lovisa where Sibelius visited his grandmother and Aunt Evelina

a) Korpo gård, where Sibelius played and composed in the summer of 1887
b) Tottesund Manor, where Sibelius married Aino Järnefelt in 1892
c) The Järnefelt family property in Lohja

a) Inside the Seurahuone, Helsinki, where the Karelia music was premièred in 1893
b) Inside the Fire Brigade Hall in Turku, where Sibelius conducted regularly
c) Inside the Town Hall in Vaasa, where Sibelius conducted in 1904 and 1906

a) Kadriorg Palace, Estonia, where Sibelius conducted around the turn of the century
b) Olympia Circus Hall, Stockholm, where the Helsinki Philharmonic Society Orchestra played Sibelius’s music in 1900
c) The Seurahuone in Oulu, where Sibelius conducted in 1904 and 1906

a) The (original) Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool, where Sibelius conducted his First Symphony in 1905
b) Birmingham Town Hall, where Sibelius conducted his Fourth Symphony in 1912
c) Queens Hall, London, where Sibelius conducted several times, e.g. his Fifth Symphony in 1921

a) In the Kappeli restaurant, Helsinki, one of Sibelius’s favourite watering holes
b) In the Hotel König, Helsinki, one of Sibelius’s favourite watering holes
c) In the Hotel Kämp, Helsinki, one of Sibelius’s favourite watering holes

a) Turku Castle, site of Duke Johan’s Court (Press Celebrations Music / Scènes historiques: Festivo)
b) Häme Castle, near which Sibelius grew up
c) Viipuri Castle, the founding of which is celebrated in the Karelia music, tableau II.

Part Two: Word Search

Where has Sibelius been? Find the countries that Sibelius visited! Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, backwards… how many can you spot?

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Happy New Year!