Texts and Translations – Solo Songs

Follow the links below for texts and translations of Sibelius’s solo songs in interlinear format. You can also download from each page a Word document containing these tests in column format (members only).

Five Christmas Songs, Op. 1
Arioso, Op. 3
Kullervon valitus (Kullervo’s Lament), from Op. 7
Seven Runeberg Songs, Op. 13
Seven Songs, Op. 17
Koskenlaskijan morsiamet (The Rapids-Rider’s Brides), Op. 33
Two Songs, Op. 35
Six Songs, Op. 36
Five Songs, Op. 37
Five Songs, Op. 38
Six Songs, Op. 50
Eight Josephson Songs, Op. 57
Two songs from Twelfth Night, Op. 60
Eight Songs, Op. 61
Luonnotar, Op. 70
Six Songs, Op. 72 (Nos 3–6)
Six Sings, Op. 86
Six Flower Songs, Op. 88
Six Runeberg Songs, Op. 90
Autrefois, Op. 96b
Songs from theatre music
JS-numbered songs
Uncategorized songs


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