Sväng plays Sibelius


Confident in the belief that Jean Sibelius took not only his cigar but also his harmonica with him while walking in a forest of Ainola, the Sväng harmonica quartet (Eero Turkka, Eero Grundström, Pasi Leino and Jouko Kyhälä) is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the composer’s birth in 2015 with a comprehensive take on Sibelius’s music.

The players have been working hard on the arrangements and rehearsals and have released a preview of their recent studio work featuring extracts from Valse triste, the Karelia Suite and Andante festivo.

One thought on “Sväng plays Sibelius

  1. As an harmonica player of many years standing, I thought that I alone played Sibelius on this humble instrument! I greatly enjoyed the Svang Harmonica Quartet. I was playing the ‘Andante festivo’ only last night [after my wife had retired] I think that the ‘Alla marcia’ from the Karelia Suite came off best in the excerpts.

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