Say Happy Birthday to Sibelius

Would you like to join in a birthday greeting video to Sibelius? International Co-ordinator of Sibelius One, Leon Chia, has embarked on a project to create one. The idea is to collect video snippets of Sibelius fans saying ‘Happy Birthday, Sibelius!’, which will then be compiled into a collage.

To take part, send your video clip to with the subject title: Happy Birthday Sibelius Video Project.

The deadline is 15 November 2015.

For more details, go to Leon’s personal blog on Sibelius at



1 thought on “Say Happy Birthday to Sibelius

  1. I was a composer of Video Game music when I first discovered the music of Sibelius. Fans of 1980s Video Games, for which I composed a fair amount of music, often ask me who my influences were. They look puzzled when I say Jean Sibelius, after which I take the opportunity to explain a little about his work and his influence. Happy Birthday Sibelius!

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