Photo Exhibition at Helsinki Airport


Finavia has opened a unique photography exhibition, ‘Sibelius & Images of Finland’ inspired by Sibelius 150th anniversary, at the airport art gallery.

The exhibition presents rare photographs of Sibelius at his home, Ainola, as well as the documentary film ‘Jean Sibelius at home’.

Ville Haapasaari, airport director, says that Finavia wanted to recognise the anniversary of the birth of the Finnish master composer in an impressive manner.  ‘For many international passengers, Helsinki Airport is the first and sometimes only point of contact with our country. The airport could even be called the calling card of Finland.  These kinds of exhibitions are a good way of highlighting Finnish culture and art to an international audience’, Haapasaari said  at the inauguration of the exhibition.

Unique photographs of Finland and Helsinki from 1920s up to 1960s
The exhibition at the airport presents the variety of the output and the significant life work of three Finnish artists: Heikki Aho, Björn Soldan and Claire Aho. Sibelius photos are part of a larger exhibition with different five themed exhibitions totalling 230 photos. In addition to the Sibelius exhibition, Aho and Soldan’s themed exhibitions ‘Views of Helsinki in the 1930s’ and vintage art photographs from Centre Pompidou’s ‘The light of the North’ collection are exhibited.

Claire Aho’s photos take the viewers to Helsinki in 1968, and the fashion, advertisement and magazine photos in the ‘Studio Works’ themed exhibition recall the nostalgic mood of the 1950s.

Aho and Soldan’s output has opened new perspectives on Finnish everyday life, history and the industrialisation of  society; they have affected the image we have of the modern Finland. Heikki Aho’s daughter Claire Aho started as a documentary film-maker in the late 1940s. Claire Aho is also a pioneer of Finnish colour photography.

‘Sibelius & Images of Finland’ will be open until the end of 2015. Admission is free 24/7 to all passengers departing or arriving via the gate area 32–38.

For additional information, please contact:
Finavia Corp, Media Desk tel. +358 20 7082002,
The exhibition brochure can be downloaded at Finavia’s web-site:
Home page of Aho & Soldan
Home page of Claire Aho

Source: Finavia Press Release, 3.3.2015

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