Sibelius Calendar 2015


The English edition of the Sibelius 150 Jubilee calendar has now been now released. The calendar is illustrated with pictures by the photographer Taneli Eskola, as well as with archive photographs from Jean Sibelius’s life. Each month commemorates important events through the decades of the Sibelius family life. The calendar also lists notable Sibelius concerts worldwide in 2015.

Price: €15
Dimensions 20.5 x 22.5 cm
International orders: please contact by e-mail
Hämeenlinnan Sibelius-seura

1 thought on “Sibelius Calendar 2015

  1. I was very surprised to discover that there is no way to pay for the calendar online! I was advised to arrange transfer of funds through my bank. I’m not sure how that works for EU countries but for a US bank it will likely involve prohibitive bank charges as well as inconvenience. Disappointing. Great that there’s an English version, but it needs to be easily obtainable outside of Finland!

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