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Lahti International
Sibelius Festival 2022

Lahti Symphony Orchestra / Dalia Stasevska (Photo: © Taina Räty)

The Lahti Symphony Orchestra’s 23rd Sibelius Festival will be held at the Sibelius Hall in Lahti from 31 August to 4 September 2022, with Dalia Stasevska, chief conductor of the orchestra, as its artistic director. The festival will be opened by an international guest appearance of the highest calibre, when the Estonian Festival Orchestra, consisting of European musicians, will perform on Wednesday 31 August 2022, conducted by the renowned Estonian conductor Paavo Järvi. This visit is made possible thanks to the support from the Jane and Aatos Erko Foundation.

The Lahti Symphony Orchestra will give three concerts at the festival conducted by Dalia Stasevska. The theme of the orchestral concert on Thursday, 1 September 2022, is ‘Flora and Fauna’, and the concert will feature Pan and Echo, the concert suite from Pelléas et Mélisande, The Wood-Nymph (melodrama) and Snöfrid.

The programmes for the orchestral concerts on Friday 2 September and Saturday 3 September were originally chosen by Jean Sibelius himself. ‘In Sibelius’s time, it was typical that the première of the new work took place in a concert organized by the composer himself. This allowed composers to present their other works as well. Sibelius was especially careful to ensure that his premières took place at concerts where the repertoire consisted exclusively of his own compositions’, explains Stasevska, and continues: ‘The Friday and Saturday orchestral concerts at the Sibelius Festival are programmes chosen by Sibelius himself from 1911 and 1927. These included the Finnish premières of the Fourth and Seventh Symphonies and Tapiola. These reconstructed concerts allow us an interesting glimpse into the music of Sibelius as presented by the composer himself.

As an innovation, a family concert, ‘Melody Forest’, will also be included in the festival programme, on the afternoon of Saturday 3 September. The festival concludes with another new kind of collaboration, at Lahti Church of the Cross on Sunday morning, 4 September, with a Keski-Lahti parish church service, the musical content of which focuses on the music of Sibelius.

The festival will also feature a piano recital, and the concerts are complemented by other events such as pre-concert talks. Further details of the festival programme will be announced later and ticket sales will start in February (date to be announced) via the ticket agency Lippupiste.

The Lahti Symphony Orchestra’s Sibelius Festival 2022

Wednesday 31.8.2022 at 7 pm
Estonian Festival Orchestra
Paavo Järvi, conductor
Symphony No. 2

Thursday 1.9.2022 at 7 pm
Lahti Symphony Orchestra
Dalia Stasevska, conductor
Dick Idman, recitation
Alma Pöysti, recitation
Somnium Ensemble Choir
Pan and Echo
Pelléas and Mélisande, concert suite
The Wood-Nymph, melodrama
Snöfrid – Improvisation for narrator, mixed choir and orchestra

6 pm Pre-concert Talk / Carpenters’ Hall
Aino’s Realm

Music journalist Eva Tigerstedt interviews Julia Donner, curator of Ainola

Friday 2.9.2022 at 3 pm
David Munk-Nielsen, piano
Five Pieces, Op. 75, ‘The Trees’
Five Pieces, Op. 85, “The Flowers’
Ten Pieces, Op. 24

Friday 2.9.2022 at 7 pm
Lahti Symphony Orchestra
Dalia Stasevska, conductor
In memoriam
The Dryad
Night Ride and Sunrise
Symphony No. 4

6 pm Pre-concert Talk / Carpenters’ Hall
Timo Virtanen: Concerts Reconstructed

Saturday 3.9.2022 at 3 pm
Jussi Makkonen, cello
Nazig Azezian, piano
Tapani Kalliomäki, recitation

Saturday 3.9.2022 at 5 pm
Lahti Symphony Orchestra
Dalia Stasevska, conductor
The Tempest, Prelude
Symphony No. 7

4 pm Pre-concert Talk / Carpenters’ Hall
Music journalist Eva Tigerstedt interviews Satu Jalas,
daughter of Sibelius’s daughter Margareta

Sunday 4.9.2022 at 10 am

The Parish of Central Lahti celebrates mass on the 12th Sunday after Trinity, with the theme ‘Jesus, our healer’. During the service Jean Sibelius’s music will be heard in a number of contexts, for example Hymn 462, ‘Soi kunniaksi Luojan’.
Collaboration between the Parish of Central Lahti and the Lahti Symphony Orchestra
Admission free

Further information will be announced later.

Important note, updated 3 March 2022:

It is currently very likely that Sibelius One WILL be able to participate with a group at the 2022 Sibelius Festival. If you would like to be included on the provisional list for tickets please contact Andrew Barnett by e-mail (click here).
Orchestra’s website: click here.

For further information please contact

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Planning a visit to Finland?

If you’re planning a trip to Finland, Sibelius One is always happy to help its members with advice and recommendations about where to stay, what to see and what do do. Drop us a line at















2 thoughts on “Visit Finland

  1. I attended the Sibelius 150th Birthday Festival in Lahti last year and loved it. I would like to explore a return for the Festival this coming September. I would also like to visit other parts of Finland, either before or after the Festival. Please send any relevant information.

    Thank you.

  2. Places to see in Finland

    Helsinki “white city of the north”
    Capital city of Finland where more than one fifth of Finns live
    Mostly built since 1815; no building higher than 10 stories
    Tourist Information office (Pohjoisesplanadi 19) sells 2/3 day public transport tickets.
    Ninety minute bus tour starting near Information Office gives orientation of interesting sites.
    1952 Olympic city: see Olympic Stadium and Youth Hostel there.
    Harbour (fish) market and ferry activity
    Suomenlinna Fortress 15 minutes ferry trip from Harbour
    Academic Bookshop and Stockmans Department Store
    City Square with Lutheran Cathedral, University, monument to Czar Alexander, Gov’t buildings
    Great Hall of the University where Sibelius premiered many of his works
    Russian Orthodox Cathedral built 1867
    Railway station, Finlandia Hall, new concert hall, several museums and art galleries
    Botanical Gardens.
    Rock Church carved out of quarried space and with copper roof
    Sibelius Monument (near an apartment he owned for a short while during WW 2)
    Seurasaari Open Air Museum (catch a bus to its entrance)
    Café Ursula, Seahorse Restaurant, Zetor, etc.
    Marshall Mannehheim Museum opened occasionally
    Direct train connection to St Petersberg, ferries to Talllin, Porvo, Turku, Stockholm

    Previous capital of Finland with strong Swedish influence
    Most was burnt during the great fire of September 1827, but a small section remains as a museum, rebuilt
    !3th Century Castle
    13th century Lutheran Cathedral
    University city with Swedish ansd Finnish Universities
    Sibelius museum
    Youth Hostel which is a sailing ship
    Turku Archipelago with ferries and bridges includes Hafstrask and Korpo where young Sibelius wrote Trios

    Less than one hour by bus from Helsinki but much older
    Also a ferry service exists between Helsinki and Porvoo
    Small cathedral (badly burnt in 2006 but faithfully restored)
    Traditional wooden town with town square, red painted boat-sheds and marina
    Home of Finland’s great poet, J L Runeberg which is now a museum
    His son was a sculptor and his busts are on display in his house next door

    About 35k from Helsinki; short trip by train or bus. On Hooked-on-cycling route
    Was the home town of Jean Sibelius and Finland’s first novelist, Aleksis Kivi and other artists
    Ainola home (1904-57) and grave of Sibelius: 3k from railway station and Sibelius statue.
    Visit the former home of landscape painter Peka Halonen friend and neighbour of the Sibelius’s

    Old military town on “Kings’ Road” with medieval castle
    Birthplace and schoolplace of Jean Sibelius and Juho Kusti Paasikivi, a Finnish President
    Beautiful Lakeside setting; (4 hour?) ferry trip (via sculptor Emil Wikström’s Visavuori studio) to Tampere trough locks.

    Tampere, Finland’s largest inland city, near the smaller Nokea
    Industry there founded by a Scott on the rapids which provided power to drive industry

    100k north of Helsinki (by bus or train)
    3 Ski-jumps and ski museum. Radio museum.
    Sibelius Hall built 2000: location of annual Sibelius Festival, by Lake Vesijarvi and heritage boats.
    Nearby Sibelius wrote Fire on the Island, piano pieces, and Lemminlainen and the Maidens.

    A world heritage wooden town near Pori where there is a famous mausoleum and a jazz festival

    Beautiful lake district setting in the heart of Karelia
    Castle setting for annual opera festival (which Loreto has attended).
    Short distance from world’s largest wooden church at Kerimaki

    Koli and Lieksa
    In the heart of Karelia. Perhaps the most spectacular view in Finland is on the Koli Mountain (350 metres high) where Sibelius began his Symphony No. 4
    Kuhmo in east-central Finland close to the Russian border where an annual chamber music festival is held

    Starting point for Finnish Lapland
    Father Christmas tourist town on the Arctic Circle. See reindeers.

    Spa town with marina on way to St Petersburg
    Young Sibelius visited grandmother and aunt here where he wrote Lovisa Piano Trio.
    Also on way to Vipuri/Viborg, former jewell of Finland taken by Soviets in 1943.

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