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Sibelius i Korpo 2019

The eighteenth Sibelius i Korpo festival will take place on 18–21 July 2019, on the island of Korpo in the beautiful Turku archipelago.

This extended festival will present Sibelius’s complete piano music – the most extensive survey of his piano music ever in a single event anywhere in the world, including his youth production for the instrument and piano transcriptions of orchestral works. Six pianists are involved: Terhi Dostal, Sae Iida, Janne Mertanen, Laura Mikkola, Joseph Tong and the festival’s artistic director Folke Gräsbeck. The festival is organized by Petri Kirkkomäki.

Events take place primarily at Korpo gård, where Sibelius himself played chamber music when he visited the area in 1887.

Folke Gräsbeck has recorded all of Sibelius’s piano music for BIS – recordings about which the prestigious American magazine Fanfare remarked: ‘Sibelius’s output for solo piano will likely never again be recorded as comprehensively or as well.’

Folke Gräsbeck

Gräsbeck has planned the concerts to correspond with the four main periods in Sibelius’s output:
1) 1885–1889: youth production
2) 1890–1906: the National Romantic period
3) 1906–1923: the time of metamorphosis
4) 1923–1931: achieving synthesis

Large-scale works such as the F major Piano Sonata and Op. 67 Sonatinas alternate with piquant miniatures such as the Thirteen Pieces of Op. 76, some of which last barely a minute. The famous ‘Trees’ and ‘Flowers’ rub shoulders with waltzes and mazurkas.

There are piano suites from theatre music, for instance for the ancient Babylonian drama Belshazzar’s Feast and the love story Pelléas et Mélisande, not forgetting Shakespeate’s Tempest, the music for which comes from Sibelius’s last stylistic period, parallel with the Sixth and Seventh Symphonies.

Armas Järnefelt 150

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Armas Järnefelt’s birth. He was Sibelius’s brother-in-law and the two men were close friends since their student years in Helsinki. His grandson Mikko Sajari will open a Järnefelt exhibition at Korpo gård, assembled by Sibelius’s grandson Severi Blomstedt. Järnefelt’s piano music will also be performed at the festival.


€30 per concert: contact Petri Kirkkomäki (petri.kirkkomaki@kolumbus.fi or info@sibeliusfestivalkorpo.com, or phone +358 400 708878).


Click here to download the festival poster (in Swedish and Finnish)

Sibelius i Korpo 2018

***Updated 30 April 2018: revised programme for Sunday concert***

The seventeenth ‘Sibelius i Korpo’ festival in the Turku archipelago will take place on 20–22 July 2018. This year’s theme is ‘Oskar Merikanto 150’, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Oscar Merikanto on 5 August 1868. The programmes thus feature works by Sibelius and Merikanto. All concerts take place at Korpo gård, where Sibelius, his family and friends made music in the summer of 1887. The festival is organized by Petri Kirkkomäki and its artistic director is Folke Gräsbeck.

Oskar Merikanto

Provisional programmes are as follows:

Friday 20.7.2018 at 9 pm – Evening Concert at Korpo gård
‘Sibelius’s and Merikanto’s Youth’
Jean Sibelius: Con moto, sempre una corda, JS 52, for piano
Oskar Merikanto: Kesäillan valssi, Op. 1, for piano
Merikanto: Fantasy on the folk song ‘Tuoll’ on mun kultani’ for piano four hands
Sibelius: Andantino in A major for piano trio
Sibelius: Andante molto in F minor for cello & piano
Sibelius: Scherzo in E minor, JS 165, for violin, cello & piano four hands
Merikanto: Valse mélancolique, Op. 6 No. 3 for piano four hands
Merikanto: Herää Suomi (Awake, Finland, arr. of Emil Genetz’ song) for piano four hands
‘The Years before Independence’
Sibelius: Religioso & Rigaudon, Op. 78 Nos 3 & 4, for cello & piano
Sibelius: Sonatina in E major, Op. 80, for violin & piano
Merikanto: Nuorisolle, Op. 92, suite for piano
Olivier Pons, violin
Helen Lindén-Pons, cello
Peter Lönnqvist, piano
Folke Gräsbeck, piano & artistic director

Saturday 21.7.2018 at 1 pm: Ceremony at the Sibelius statue
Music, flowers, speeches
Welcome from Petri Kirkkomäki, festival organizer, and from
Severi Blomstedt on behalf of the Sibelius family

Saturday 21.7.2018 at 6 pm: Concert at Korpo gård
‘Musik from the turn of the century’
Merikanto: Kirkko-aikana for piano four hands
Merikanto: Hungarian March, Op. 46, for piano four hands
Merikanto: Canon in G major for piano four hands
Sibelius: Dolcissimo, JS 63, for kantele
Sibelius: Moderato, JS 130, for kantele
Sibelius: Lullaby, JS 222, for violin & kantele
Merikanto: Kullan murunen, Op. 20 No. 1, arr. for kantele
Merikanto: Helkähdys for two kanteles
Merikanto: Kesäillan idylli, Op. 16 No. 2, arr. for kantele
Merikanto: Vallinkorvan laulu, Op. 24 No. 2, arr. for kantele
Merikanto: Valse lente, Op. 33, arr. for kantele
Merikanto: Soi vienosti murheeni soitto, Op. 36 No. 3, arr. for kantele
Merikanto: Jag gungar i högsta grenen, variations on the song by Gabriel Linsén, Op. 26, for piano
‘A Lonely Ski-Trail’ – Works from Maturity
Merikanto: Two Pieces, Op. 102, for violin & piano
Sibelius: Novellette, Op. 102, for violin & piano
Sibelius: Danses champêtres, Op. 106 Nos 4 & 5, for violin & piano
Sibelius: Four movements from ‘The Tempest’, Op. 109, for cello & piano
Sibelius: Ett ensamt skidspår, JS 77a, for speaker & piano (1925)
Sibelius: Adagio ‘Rakkaalle Ainolle’, JS 161, for piano four hands
Ralf Långbacka, speaker
Johanna Aho & Suvi Lehtonen-Gräsbeck, kantele
Olivier Pons, violin
Helen Lindén-Pons, cello
Peter Lönnqvist & Folke Gräsbeck, piano

Sunday 22.7.2018 at 2 pm: Lecture at Korpo gård
‘Jean Sibelius och Oskar Merikanto’
Andrew Barnett (General Manager, Sibelius One)

Sunday 22.7.2018 at 4 pm: Concert at Korpo gård
‘Songs, Opera and Theatre Music’
Merikanto: extracts from the opera ‘Pohjan neiti’ arr. for kantele and for piano four hands
Merikanto: Tuulan tei from the music to ‘Tukkijoella’, Op. 13, arr. for kantele
Merikanto: Reppurin laulu from the music to ‘Juhannustulilla’, Op. 14, arr. for kantele
Merikanto: Karkelo alkaa from the music to ‘Panu’ for mezzo-soprano & 2 kanteles
Merikanto: En barnsaga vid brasan; Den enda stunden; Sorgens makt; Vi ses igen for mezzo-soprano & piano
Sibelius: Ljunga Wirginia, ‘opera’ for violin, cello & piano four hands
Sibelius: Bollspelet vid Trianon, Op. 36 No. 3, for mezzo-soprano & piano
Sibelius: Soluppgång, JS 87, for mezzo-soprano & piano (world première performance)
Sibelius: Den första kyssen, Op. 37 No. 1, for mezzo-soprano & piano
Sibelius: Kyssen, Op. 72 No. 3, for mezzo-soprano & piano
Sibelius: Narciss, JS 140, for mezzo-soprano & piano
Sibelius: Finlandia, Op. 26 (arr. for solo piano with mezzo-soprano in the hymn)
Erica Back, mezzo-soprano
Johanna Aho & Suvi Lehtonen-Gräsbeck, kantele
Olivier Pons, violin
Helen Lindén-Pons, cello
Peter Lönnqvist & Folke Gräsbeck, piano

Further details will be published later.




Sibelius i Korpo 2016

The folk museum in Korpo, Finland (photo: © Västgöten / Wikimedia Creative Commons)
The fifteenth ‘Sibelius i Korpo’ festival will take place on 22–24 July 2016.

The programmes feature also music by Ferruccio Busoni (1866–1924), in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of his birth. Performers at this years’s festival include:

Satu Jalas, violin
Sebastian Silén, violin
Domenico Ermirio, cello
Hedvig Paulig, soprano
Folke Gräsbeck, piano & artistic director

Provisional concert programmes are as follows:

Friday 22 July 2016 at 9 pm / Korpo gård
Busoni: Andante mit Variationen und Scherzo for piano trio
Sibelius: Florestan, suite for piano
Songs: Skogsrået; Likhet; Jubal
King Christian II, incidental music
Malinconia for cello & piano
Armas Järnefelt: Berceuse

Saturday 23 July 2016 at 6 pm / Korpo gård
Busoni: Kultaselle Variations
J.S. Bach/Busoni: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme
Sibelius: Étude for solo violin
Suite in E major for violin & piano
Sonata in F major for violin & piano
Sibelius’s granddaughter Satu Jalas will also make a presentation about her grandfather.

Sunday 24 July 2016 at 4 pm / Korpo gård
Piano Trio in A minor, ‘Hafträsk’
Rondino, Romance, Tanz-Idylle, Humoresque & Valse for violin & piano
Armas Järnefelt: Songs: Titania; Du (Karl Asplund); Leivo; Viel’ ois virttä tieossani
Sibelius: Songs: Jag kysser dig och ledsnar ej; Löjet var utan hem [World Première Performance]; Sommarnatt; Vem styrde hit din väg?
Danses champêtres Nos 1–3 for violin and piano

There will also be the traditional annual ceremony, with music, speeches and flowers, at the Sibelius statue in Korpo village, at 1 pm on Saturday 23 July, with festival organizer Petri Kirkkomäki and Erkki Korhonen from the Sibelius Birth Town Foundation, Hämeenlinna.

On Sunday 24 July at 11 am there will be a screening of Douglas Sivén’s documantary film ‘Sibelius i Korpo’.

Further information will be posted when available.

Ferruccio Busoni (photo: Public Domain)
Ferruccio Busoni (photo: Public Domain)

Sibelius in Korpo 2015 – update

Korpo Church
Korpo Church

More detailed information is now released for the fourteenth Sibelius in Korpo Festival, to be held on 17th–19th July 2015. This year’s theme is ‘Intimate Voices’. The festival’s artistic director is Folke Gräsbeck.

Friday 17.7.2015 at 8 pm at Korpo gård: Pre-Concert Talk
by Andrew Barnett (General Manager of Sibelius One)

Friday 17.7.2015 at 9 pm at Korpo gård: Evening Concert
Flinders Quartet / Folke Gräsbeck, piano
Molto moderato – Scherzo in E major for string quartet, JS 134 (1885)
String Quartet in E flat major, JS 184
Four Themes for string quartet
Adagio in D minor for string quartet, JS 12
Piano Quintet in G minor, JS 159

Saturday 18.7.2015 at 1 pm at the Sibelius Statue, Korpo village
Welcome speeches by Petri Kirkkomäki (festival director) and Geoffrey Hayes
Vocal ensemble from the Brahe Djäknar choir
Venematka, Op. 18 No. 3
Ej med klagan, JS 69 (arr. Nils-Eric Fougstedt)

Saturday 18.7.2015 at 2 pm at Korpo Church: ‘Voces intimae’
Flinders Quartet
String Quartet in A minor, JS 183
Fugue for Martin Wegelius, JS 85
String Quartet in D minor, ‘Voces intimae’, Op. 56

Saturday 18.7.2015 at 6 pm at Kommunalgården i Korpo: ‘The Maiden in the Tower’
Hedvig Paulig, soprano / Monica Groop, mezzo-soprano
Dan Karlström, tenor / Jussi Merikanto, baritone
Florakören and Brahe Djäknar choirs, cond. Ulf Långbacka
Folke Gräsbeck, piano
Six Songs, Op. 50 Merikanto/Gräsbeck
Längtan heter min arvedel, Op. 86 No. 2 Paulig/Gräsbeck
I systrar, I bröder, I älskande par! Op. 86 No. 6 Paulig/Gräsbeck
Sångarlön, Op. 86 No. 5 Karlström/Gräsbeck
Törnet , Op. 88 No. 5 Karlström/Gräsbeck
Siltavahti, JS 170b Karlström/Gräsbeck
Svarta rosor, Op. 36 No. 1 (1899) Karlström/Gräsbeck
Vänskapens blomma, JS 215 Groop/Gräsbeck
Hertig Magnus, Op. 57 No. 6 Groop/Gräsbeck
Songs, Op. 72 Nos 3–6 Groop/Gräsbeck
Tanken, duet, JS 192 Paulig/Groop/Gräsbeck
Jungfrun i tornet (The Maiden in the Tower), JS 101 (1896), opera in one act
(arr. for soloists, mixed choir and piano by the composer)

Sunday 19.7.2015 at 9.45 am at Kommunalgården i Korpo
Douglas Sivén᾿s documentary film ‘Sibelius in Korpo’ (in English)

Sunday 19.7.2015 at 11 am at Kommunalgården i Korpo
Douglas Sivéns dokumentärfilm ‘Sibelius i Korpo’ (på svenska)

Sunday 19.7.2015 at 2 pm at Korpo gård: Pre-Concert Talk
‘Sibelius in Australasia᾽ by Geoffrey Hayes

Sunday 19.7.2015 at 4 pm at Korpo gård: Gala Concert
Flinders Quartet
Hedvig Paulig, soprano / Monica Groop, mezzo-soprano
Folke Gräsbeck, piano
String Quartet in B flat major, Op. 4 (1889–90)
Five Songs, Op. 37 Paulig/Gräsbeck
Serenad, JS 167 Groop/Gräsbeck
Den första kyssen, JS 57 (preliminary version) Groop/Gräsbeck
Jag ville, jag vore i Indialand (preliminary version) *World Première Performance* Groop/Gräsbeck
Im Feld ein Mädchen singt, Op. 50 No. 3 Groop/Gräsbeck
Små flickorna, JS 174 Groop/Gräsbeck
Autrefois, duet, Op. 96b Paulig/Groop/Gräsbeck
Andante festivo for string quartet, JS 34a

Sibelius & Korpo 2015

Korpo Church
Korpo Church

The Sibelius & Korpo festival, in the Turku archipelago, will take place on 17th–19th July 2015. Held in the small island village where Sibelius spent the summer holiday in 1887, this gem of a festival features concerts in the village’s 13th-century stone church and at Korpo gård, where Sibelius himself made music together with his family and friends in 1887.

Korpo gård
Korpo gård

Musicians at the 2015 festival include the Flinders Quartet from Melbourne, Australia, leading singers including Hedvig Paulig, Monica Groop and Gabriel Suovanen, the choirs Brahe Djäknar (male voices) and Florakören (women’s voices), and the pianist Folke Gräsbeck, who is also artistic director of the festival. This year’s festival is devoted exclusively to works by Sibelius, including a wide selection of his string quartet music, the Piano Quintet in G minor and the opera Jungfrun i tornet (The Maiden in the Tower) in the composer’s own version with for soloists, choir and piano.

Further information will be posted later. If you are interested in attending the festival please contact gm@sibeliusone.com.