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Fennica Gehrman publications


Click here to read our round-up of recent Sibelius publications from Fennica Gehrman.

The volumes (issued 2015–2019) are:
– Piano Miniatures
– Five Esquisses for piano, Op. 114
– Six Humoresques for violin and orchestra
– Six Humoresques for violin and orchestra (arr. Jani Kyllönen)
– Rakastava (1911 and 1912 versions)
– Scherzo for strings
– Andante festivo

Sväng plays Sibelius


Confident in the belief that Jean Sibelius took not only his cigar but also his harmonica with him while walking in a forest of Ainola, the Sväng harmonica quartet (Eero Turkka, Eero Grundström, Pasi Leino and Jouko Kyhälä) is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the composer’s birth in 2015 with a comprehensive take on Sibelius’s music.

The players have been working hard on the arrangements and rehearsals and have released a preview of their recent studio work featuring extracts from Valse triste, the Karelia Suite and Andante festivo.